Tech journalist, Mark Kavanagh: ‘AEG Comfortlift is highly recommended and won’t disappoint’


Tech journalist, Mark Kavanagh, reviews the AEG 6000 series Comfortlift washing machine.

The first AEG product I bought was an integrated Comfortlift dishwasher from Harvey Norman and it was one of the best tech purchases I’ve made.

AEG is a highly renowned German manufacturer and over time using my dishwasher it has been easy to see why it has such a good reputation.

The quality and craftsmanship of the Comfortlift and the high standard of all the materials used mean I have never had any issues with it whatsoever – with often twice-daily use. The dishwasher works as efficiently and reliably as it did on day one – and still looks brand new.


When I learned that I would be one of the first people in Ireland to try out the new AEG 6000 series washing machine, I was beyond excited. Often the most useful and practical technological developments are in home appliances, especially now that most of these devices come with internet smarts built in too.

It may not be as cool to talk about a high-tech washing machine as a smartphone or Bluetooth speaker, but it can give you as much satisfaction over a far longer lifespan than the latest cutting-edge handset most of us ditch after a couple of years.

The freestanding model I had installed is the AEG L6FBG841CA. It’s part of the 6000 series and it can take an 8KG load and spin at fast speeds of up to 1400 RPM. It’s got top-end tech in a mid-price range machine. And it is A+++ rated which is the highest level of energy efficiency.

There are two key features that make this sleek and premium-looking white AEG machine super appealing.

The first is Autodose. This genius tech will save you a small fortune over time.

I know this for certain because my last washing machine – which I bought on the recommendation of Harvey Norman staff – had a similar feature. AutoDose sensors result in you slashing your spend on washing detergents and fabric conditioners. And these sensors will ensure your clothes last longer. That’s because they protect your garments from the early aging brought on when you overdose a wash with too much detergent or conditioner.

The L6FBG841CA also uses what AEG calls ProSense technology.

This automatically weighs each load and tailors the cycle accordingly. Sensors then adjust washing times with precision, ensuring you get the optimum treatment for every wash. It means you do your bit for the environment too by using less save water and energy. And of course this saves you more money into the bargain.

Another element that aids the environment is the Eco Time Save mode that allows you to combine time saving and ECO options together – so you can run the most energy efficient wash in the quickest possible timeframe.


And there’s an Easy Iron mode that helps you reduce ironing times by removing creases.

My favourite feature on the L6FBG841CA is the accompanying free smartphone app My AEG Care. Yes, this washing machine is WiFi-enabled. That means you can start your wash from anywhere in the world and tailor the cycle to your specific needs.

When I find this extra handy is being able to remotely start a cycle at the appropriate time before I am due to arrive home from work. I don’t finish at a set time every day so I love the flexibility of being able to set the wash so it is finished exactly as I arrive home.

That means I can empty the machine straight away so clothes come out feeling fresh and new. (It’s worth mentioning the SoftPlus feature that makes sure the softener reaches every part of your clothes when in the drum).

The My AEG Care app also gives you access to additional washing cycle options, sends you notifications when your wash is complete and offers custom cycle recommendations. You can also save your most regularly used custom cycles as favourites that can be enabled quickly from your phone or tablet.

The app includes other useful features such as the product manual, a troubleshooting guide and a shop where you can buy accessories such as a laundry bag for your delicates.

On top of all this awesome tech onboard, the AEG L6FBG841CA consistently (and relatively quietly) delivers perfect cleaning results every time I use it and clothes always come out looking, smelling and feeling new.

This machine is highly recommended and won’t disappoint.