NEW at Harvey Norman: The Dyson V11


Another day, another NEW product at Harvey Norman. We’re delighted to introduce the Dyson V11, the latest innovation in cutting-edge vacuum cleaning from Dyson. Available in two models, the V11 Animal and V11 Absolute, the models have all the features of a Dyson vacuum you’ve come to expect, but with some added features that might just surprise you.


The Dyson V11s are designed to maintain incredible suction power across all types of surface. With Auto-Mode, you can easily move from carpet to wooden flooring and onto tile without leaving a speck of dust behind. That’s also down to the fact that the V11s have 20% more suction power than the v10 and a high torque cleaner head. The vacuums also have a running time of 60 minutes.

inner head

Stopping mid-clean can be a nuisance, can’t it? Good thing Dyson made the V11s bin 40% bigger than the V10 model then! You can clean for longer without having to empty their bin, with blockage reports also appearing on the LCD screen. This screen also displays the selected power mode, remaining run time and filter maintenance reminders.


The Dyson V11s also transforms into handheld vacuums in a flash. With it, you can clean any surface that’s difficult to reach with the full length vacuum. As handhelds, they maintain their suction power and running time, giving you the power to completely clean any area in one go. Pretty handy right? Once you have all of your cleaning done, simply drop the vacuum into the wall-mounted dock to let it recharge.

You can find all of our Dyson vacuums in your local Harvey Norman or online today.

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