See The Lion King Show in Virtual Reality

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Broadway show The Lion King took the momentum of the 1994 Disney animated film and brought it to life in a blockbuster fashion.

The stage version has been running since 1997, making it the third longest running show in Broadway history (behind The Phantom of the Opera and Chicago) and it’s also the highest grossing New York number of all time with sales of more than $1 billion.

Now, the millions of fans who have enjoyed the show will have a whole new way to see their favourite characters, with an enveloping virtual reality experience.

Total Cinema 360 has created a fully immersive version of the incredibly opening number of The Lion King, The Circle of Life. Using multiple cameras with special lenses, they’ve captured the performance in 360 degrees, and users can pan around to their heart’s content.

Check it out.

With a virtual reality headset or Google Cardboard, the experience becomes even more enveloping, letting you look around as though you were inside the theatre and right beside the performers.

It gives us an idea of where virtual reality will take us in the future, providing the best seats in the house for any show we want, and with the ability to look anywhere we want.

The first true virtual reality headsets will be on sale in early 2016, stay tuned to Harvey Norman for more.

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