Sony Launches Futuristic Wearable SmartEyeGlass


Google recently announced that it was taking the Glass headset off the market to allow for some more development time, leaving a gap in the market that Sony is eager to fill.

Enter the Sony SmartEyeGlass, a pair of futuristic eyeglasses which can overlay information your view of the world. With voice activated controls, the visor can display things like map directions right in your vision as well as asking Google for answers to questions and snapping away with the 3 megapixel camera.

The SmartEyeGlass pairs with your Android phone for a data connection and features a wired controller which has touch inputs and also houses the microphone. You can use this input to compose messages to friends and control all the other features of the device.

The glasses themselves are very light – partly because most of the innards are in the controller element which is connected by a cable. The 3mm thick lenses feature technology which projects text onto the screen, in a way which overlays your everyday vision. The text comes in a single colour – green – which saves on battery and contrasts well with most situations.

It certainly looks a lot more comfortable than the often awkward Google Glass headset, and it also won’t suffer from the overheating issue of the other product, thanks to the processor and other elements being stored apart from the glasses.

What’s more, the SmartEyeGlass will actually be released as a regular retail product. Developers can order theirs already and a full version will be in stores in March 2015.

Stay tuned for more.

In Short: Sony has just come out with details on their new wearable for your face – the SmartEyeGlass is a very clever pair of spectacles

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