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Apple isn’t the only one releasing a smart watch; the other technology giants of the world are hot on their heels, and we’re keeping track with all of the latest developments in the smart watch world with our very own dedicated smart watch section.


The Best of the Rest from Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress ends today, and as expected this year’s event was filled with amazing technology from the smartphone industry. We’ve already talked about the three biggest phone launches from Mobile World Congress in Monday’s...

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Gameband: The Smartwatch for Gamers

The Gameband is a brand new smartwatch with a difference; it’s designed for gamers. Up until now the majority of released smartwatches have either been aimed at smartphone savants (Apple Watch Series 2) or...


Our Technology Trends for 2017

Wondering what the big tech trends of 2017 will be? Well look no further, as here at Harvey Norman we’ve got a whole range of amazing tech items designed to pique your interest and...


Type on Your Smartwatch with Gestures

New technology could revolutionise the way we interact with phones and smartwatches through the use of Sonar. It will use the devices speakers to send out a pulse of sound which will be totally...