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Small appliances make life easier, whether it’s cooking, cleaning, or just living your daily life. There’s always plenty of new inventions coming to the fore that you never thought you needed until now – take a sneak peek at our favourites in this section.


What to Look for When Buying a New Iron

Thinking about purchasing a new iron for your home? Then you’ll be glad to know that Harvey Norman’s range of irons contains some of the very best models available on the market. But before...


Chowbotics Introduces the $30,000 Salad-Making Robot

Chowbotics Inc., an American technology company specialising in the development of robotics for the food industry, has just revealed its first invention: a salad-making robot named Sally. As revealed in an article from Bloomberg, Sally...


Picking the Right Toaster for Your Home

Choosing a new toaster for your kitchen is, for most of us, a pretty straightforward process; find the nicest looking toaster at the least expensive price and voila, you have your new toaster. But...


Celebrate National Sandwich Day

As if we needed an excuse to gorge on our favourite sambo but we’ll take any opportunity we can get. Whether you’re a dedicated baguette lover or a soda bread devotee, we invite you...