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The Best Holiday Hair Stylers and Dryers

Preparing for your summer holiday but in need of something that will keep your hair looking beautiful and healthy while you’re having fun in the sun? We’ve got plenty of great hair stylers and...


What to Look for When Buying a New Iron

Thinking about purchasing a new iron for your home? Then you’ll be glad to know that Harvey Norman’s range of irons contains some of the very best models available on the market. But before...


Win a Kenwood Chef Sense Mixer!

Easter is easily one of the highlights of the baker’s calendar, and to encourage the baking of as many cakes as possible this year we’ve got a brand new Kenwood Chef Sense Mixer for...

WEEE Recycling

Why We Weee

You may have noticed the service at retailers around the country, maybe the boxes on shop counters calling for your spent batteries emblazoned with the name WEEE. But what is it and what does...


Finding the Right Washing Machine for You

A washing machine is a vital component of any home. Some washing machines are more suited to certain households than others, so it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the different load capacities,...