Why Choose An Eco-Friendly Vacuum?


Vacuuming wouldn’t be many peoples’ favourite task in their home, but a good vacuum cleaner can make the task a little more bearable.

Eco-friendly may not be one of your first considerations when choosing a vacuum, but perhaps it should be. For starters, if you’re using a vacuum on a regular, or perhaps even daily, basis it can consume a lot of energy and this will start to add up. Make sure to select a vacuum that is energy efficient to help keep costs down.

Energy efficiency is just one factor to consider though. Vacuums can have hidden costs or costs that you might not have considered associated with them. The cost of disposable bags and filters to trap dust can set you back a sizeable sum of money. Dyson states that the cost of regularly replacing these could be as much as €329 over a vacuum’s five-year lifetime.

Dyson DC28C Multifloor Vacuum Cleaner - €249

Dyson DC28C Multifloor Vacuum Cleaner – €249

There’s also the inconvenience factor; if worst comes to worst, you could fill a bag and have to run to the shop just to buy more bags so you can finish off the chore. And as bags start to fill, your vacuum’s overall performance may begin to decrease. It can also be difficult to tell when a bag is filling, so you could end up changing bags too soon or wasting time and energy by vacuuming with a bag that’s too full.

One other point to consider is how environmentally friendly vacuums are. Bagged vacuum cleaners produce a significant amount of waste that can’t be recycled. Dyson found that in Europe alone, 126 million bags and filters end up in landfill or have to be incinerated each year. Meanwhile, bagless vacuum cleaners can simply be emptied into a compost bin.

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