10 Essentials Needed For Starting College


College is a deliriously exciting time in any young adult’s life – there are clubs to join, parties to crash and an assortment of hostels, both foreign and local, to… sample.

That said, College is no mean undertaking. In terms of sheer workload, it can be the most trying few years of your entire life. Couple this with a chronic shortage of funds and the budding student really needs to get thrifty or go home!

That said, there are a few essentials that every student will need to shell out on. Not just for coursework but indeed, to make the most of this experience. College is hard going, true enough. But it can be broken down into this most basic of cycles… Travel – Study –Eat –Sleep


Sol Republic Tracks HD – You’ll need to actually get to college first. Five times a week if you’re making a proper go of it. A bit of music can take the edge of any commute and these headphones will keep the music quality pristine.

Bicycle – Regarding the aforementioned funds shortage, a good old fashioned push-bike will save you hundreds on bus/train fare. It’ll also make attending far flung parties that bit easier.

Nintendo 3DS XL – If you’re doing college right, your every weekend will be spent on a bus to some club or society event, typically down the back end of nowhere. These trips can wear on even the most chatty of freshers. Stock up on some quality Nintendo titles and battle the tedium!


Canon IXUS 265 Digital Camera – While these are a must for social gatherings, on occasion your coursework can take you to weird and wonderful places. Shoot everything in sight – you never know what’ll make the difference between a 2.1 and a First!

HP Pavillion 15” Laptop – The reality is, more and more academic resources are headed online. In many instances, lecturer notes will need to be downloaded from the cloud or a shared network drive. A laptop is a necessity for every college course, even just for word processing.

Backpack – While the nasty old days of hauling a back breaking number of schoolbooks are long gone, you can’t beat a reliable old backpack for lugging your stuff between lecture halls. We recommend something with breathable straps.


George Foreman Grill – To understate: Students, as a species, will eat anything that’s not nailed down. And though your rented accommodation will likely boast ‘All Mod Cons’ the George Foreman is a quick, easy and unexpectedly healthy way to cook your meals.


B-Sensible Single Bed Fitted Sheet & Protector – Obviously, student accommodation has a high turnover rate. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with that, but for the sake of hygiene, we suggesting splurging on your own personal sheet and mattress protector. Just to be on the safe side…

Finlux Single Electric Underblanket– As mentioned, if you’re going to spend at least three years both overwork and underfunded, you may as well have a nice warm bed to rest in at the end of a difficult day.

Yankee Candles – We won’t sugar-coat it. Student accommodation is not known for its grandeour. However you can make a dent in the oppressive stink with some scented Yankee Candles. Just remember, never leave a naked flame unattended.

In Short: The college year is fast approaching and it can be costly for students and parents alike. Investing in these essentials is a good way to save some cash

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