How Do You Solve A Problem Like Flossing?


Everyone who has so much as glanced at a dentist sideways understands how important flossing is for oral hygiene. Flossing = important. It’s a universally recognised fact.

Unfortunately, the knowledge of said importance rarely trumps the massive inconvenience of actually sawing at your teeth with a strip of peppermint wire. It’s time consuming, it’s awkward, and as often as not, it’s easy to let it slip out of habit.

Thankfully, Philips has a fix that should keep both you and your dentist happy. The Philips Rechargeable AirFloss is a hassle free solution to the flossing problem. The innovative new microburst technology delivers short controls bursts of air between the teeth. Micro droplets are jettisoned simultaneously, creating an effect which gently though effectively cleans the hard to brush surfaces where the teeth touch. The Airfloss’ powerful air bursts can remove up to 99% of plaque between teeth, without that abrasive flossing action. Additionally it’s slim and angled so the nozzle can clean the whole of the mouth. And what’s more, it’ll keep its charge for two weeks.

While it may seem a good bit more expensive than buying floss on a regular basis,consider it a long term investment in your oral hygiene.Hassle free and fun to use – Philips just solved a problem like flossing for you!

In Short: Flossing is a pain at the best of times and despite our best intentions its often forgotten. Philips Rechargeable Airfloss aims to fix this

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